DÁPPA Vegan Ice Cream now at Moorish Falafel Bar!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with London-based DÁPPA, to bring the first soft serve vegan ice creams and shakes made from nuts to the region.

The indulgent Madagascan vanilla soft serve ice creams and shakes by DÁPPA are blended from almonds and cashews, making them naturally thick, rich and outrageously creamy. Served in either a tub or cone, we have delicious ice cream combinations such as ‘Peanut Butter Cup’, ‘Strawberry Cheezecake’ and ‘What the Fudge’, plus shake flavours including ‘Biscoff’ and peanut butter.

All of these are now available from our shop on Lower Goat Lane and the shakes will soon be available to order via our app.